Ahol Sniffs Glue New Print Release “REDRUM”



is proud to present its second editioned work with Miami Artist



Limited to only 50 pieces.

This new work titled “REDRUM” is in the style of Abstract Expressionism. Highly influenced by this movement, Ahol breaks away from his well known style of  the “classic pattern”. In this screenprint the viewer can see the brush strokes of raw emotion poured into the work.

This print is a very meaningful work to the artist.  It is his first screenprint on paper published with Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art, and it is a work that depicts his feelings about the state of our nation and the world.

Ahol’s Eyeballs represent the eyes of the working class.  Usually seen in his typical pattern, Ahol paints these eyes to let the everyday working class person know that he is with them.  Painted on walls, cars, canvas, and anywhere he can, Ahol throws up a shout out to the regular guy, just going through the daily grind, of just making it to survive.

REDRUM (Murder spelled backwards), depicts the sad state of the killings in our communities, here at home, and around the world.

Innocent victims being shot down for just trying to get by, and live their lives.  Whether it is everyday working people in our streets and communities, law enforcement, people at a night club, or a someone overseas. This new screenprint by Ahol depicts the chaos, the turbulence, the anger, and the sadness of what is going on in our neighborhoods.

Painted in fluorescent red ink, to symbolize the blood spilled, and running through our streets, this expressionistic style allows for more artistic freedom that the Ahol has been wanting to achieve. This style  not only portrays the tension, and whirlwind of emotions that effect the people and the community, but also gives us a sense of the artist’s pure inner feelings.  This new style has more of a free flowing quality, that shows the artist’s emotion, growth, depth, and dimension.


The details of this new edition are below.

  • Ahol Sniffs Glue
  • 2016
  • Fluorescent red ink screenprint on French Construction Blacktop 80# Coverweight card stock
  • 25 x 19 in.
  • Edition of 50
  • Signed and numbered
  • $300 


Ahol Sniffs Glue signing the REDRUM screenprints.

Ahol Sniffs Glue in front of his work REDRUM

third second

Click HERE to see the video of Ahol signing the screenprints.


Biscayne Boyz New Music Video

Ahol Sniffs Glue has just released a new music video with Otto Von Schirach.


The video has been featured in the Miami New Times… Link to the full article HERE


WOW! – Work of the Week – Clandestine Culture “I Came Back” 10/05/15

Clandestine Culture, I Came Back

Clandestine Culture
я вернулся, (I CAME BACK)
Acrylic on Wood
81 x 48
Signed on verso

About This Work:

This work titled “I Came Back” or  “я вернулся” (in Russian), by Miami Street Artist CLANDESTINE CULTURE,could not be more relevant today then ever before.  “For those 25 years of age or younger, the Soviet Union symbol of the Hammer and Sickle, mean nothing.  There is an age group that has never seen that symbol, or even knew of a Soviet Union”  says the artist.

What this work represents is exactly what the artist wants that age group, 25 years or younger, to understand.  That message is that history repeats itself.  Painted in 2014, during Russia’s invasion into Crimea, and aggressive military intervention in Ukraine, this painting forewarns the world of what is to come.  Russian President Putin flexes his political muscles, and lets the world know that he, and Russia are coming back.  They are not the weakened Russia, that perhaps the world sees them as.

Fast forward to 2015, and we see President Putin is at it again, aligning himself with Syria, and positioning his stronghold in the Middle East.  Showing that Russia is still a “super power”, and standing up to America

Painted in the old Soviet Union colors of red and gold, this painting is rather simple, but very powerful in its message.  Depicting the iconic Hammer and Sickle, with star and olive branches as the main focal point, they symbol says it all. The words “I Came back” written in Russian lets us know, that this is a message about the present, and a warning about the future.  

This is exactly what street art intends to do.  Historically, street art has always contained a social, a political, and an environmental message.  The art challenges the viewer to react not only to the artwork, but to the substantive issues, and surroundings that is being discussed.  

Make no mistake, Street Art is not just pretty paintings on a wall.  That would be simply called a mural.  Street Art is much more important than that.  Street Art has substance, context, and a concept.  Whether it is Haring talking about AIDS, or Apartheid, Basquiat discussing issues of racism, drugs, and struggle of daily life, or Banksy’s witty paradoxical installations and wall drawings, Street Art has become a depiction and a reaction to the world most important issues, and struggles.  Its “in your face” style, is arguably the most reactionary art movement that the art world has yet to witness.

Never before has an art movement, been so literal, and purposeful.  Like his predecessors Haring and Basquiat, and his contemporaries Banksy and  Shepard Fairey, CLANDESTINE CULTURE focuses on the world’s issues around us, and challenges us to acknowledge, question, and react.

About The Artist:

The artist chooses to remain anonymous.  He hits the street with his face and head completely covered. He believes that the painting and the message is more important then the artist.  He uses everyday people, images and words, to show that in the end, we are all part of one world wide culture…A CLANDESTINE CULTURE

For more information and price please contact the gallery at info@gsfineart.co