Untitled #5 2012
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"One of the most exciting artists to come out of South and Central America right now is Stinkfish, who takes what one would expect from stencil art and twists and distorts that understanding into something new and beautiful".

Stinkfish is a street artist from Colombia. Throughout his artistic life he has painted murals around the South American continent. Drawing inspiration from photos of people, Stinkfish creates faces with his colorful touch. Just Google his name and you will find articles and interviews aplenty with Stinkfish. He walks around his city, taking photographs of children, the urban landscape, and works from those images as a starting point. Very bright and colorful, patterns are used to adorn his subjects, all of which are created in highly visible city settings.

Stinkfish first began making stencils in 2000; between then and the middle of the decade, his work became increasingly complex, evolving into the flamboyantly hued portraiture he is known for today. The subjects of these stenciled pieces are most often young children and exude a youthful punk rock spirit of discontent, mingled with a transfixing celebration of humanity and cultural pride. “The portraits I make on walls come from photographs I find in different cities. Different countries influence me too;  the realities that exist not only in Colombia. Every face is a story, a moment, some are shady other colourful as life itself”. Stinkfish also creates hand-drawn mixed media collage work, which involve the application of labyrinthine ink patterns to the faces pictured on vintage record covers and magazines and reference the tradition of Latin American indigenous tribal face paint and tattoo.

Murals by Stinkfish can be found all over the world, including almost every country in South and Central America, in European cities such as London, Paris and Amsterdam, and many others.