WOW – Work Of the Week – Ahol Sniffs Glue “Tropical Depression In Paradise”

Tropical Depression In Paradise

Ahol Sniffs Glue
Tropical Depression In Paradise
Mixed media collage
30 x 22 in.
Signed on verso

About This Work:

This work presents Ahol Sniffs Glue’s famous lovable characters in a completely different light than what we are used to. For a very long time Ahol has been working in a completely different style and medium, but was never fully confident in showing that work. Not because the style was not good, or the work was not of the highest caliber, but because for as long as he can remember, his artistic career was built upon a certain style, that everyone has known and loved for so long. This is a drastic change in style that, the artist feels, “feeds his soul”.   

Tropical Depression in Paradise is made of collaged elements of cloth, felt, thread, wood, a Crown Royal sack, Kool cigarettes, and even beard hair, to name a few. With his recent success, his work can sometimes become glamorized. While the whole time, Ahol maintains that his work is the exact opposite of glamor.
He has always tried to show the darker, grittier, real side of life in Miami, not the Miami that outsiders know of, sunshine, beaches, palm trees, bronzed women in bikinis at the clubs in South Beach.

The central figure is his well known figure of an atypical, typical person standing on the street, perhaps Biscayne Boulevard. Looking closely at her, one can see she is created with many different unique elements, from her weave of thread to her face of a Crown Royal sack, wearing a body suit of jute, and gold trim, down to the wood veneer chancletas, (and if you look real closely at her, you can even see part of Ahol’s beard).  She is standing next to a beautiful, most creative version of a Miami Palm tree constructed of Kool cigarette packages, and pencil sharpening for a trunk.

It is the background of this work, that allows the viewer to get a true sense of the artist, and the real city that he calls home, Miami. Filled with cigarettes, Taco Bell packets of hot sauce, cocaine baggies, pills, and Chinese fortunes, intertwined with spliced collaged photos of random people, palm trees, la Virgen de la Caridad de Cobre, his bus pass and jury duty notices, we see how the artists lives, and shows off the city that he loves. You will see something different every time that you look at it.

Ahol Sniffs Glue New Print Release “REDRUM”



is proud to present its second editioned work with Miami Artist



Limited to only 50 pieces.

This new work titled “REDRUM” is in the style of Abstract Expressionism. Highly influenced by this movement, Ahol breaks away from his well known style of  the “classic pattern”. In this screenprint the viewer can see the brush strokes of raw emotion poured into the work.

This print is a very meaningful work to the artist.  It is his first screenprint on paper published with Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art, and it is a work that depicts his feelings about the state of our nation and the world.

Ahol’s Eyeballs represent the eyes of the working class.  Usually seen in his typical pattern, Ahol paints these eyes to let the everyday working class person know that he is with them.  Painted on walls, cars, canvas, and anywhere he can, Ahol throws up a shout out to the regular guy, just going through the daily grind, of just making it to survive.

REDRUM (Murder spelled backwards), depicts the sad state of the killings in our communities, here at home, and around the world.

Innocent victims being shot down for just trying to get by, and live their lives.  Whether it is everyday working people in our streets and communities, law enforcement, people at a night club, or a someone overseas. This new screenprint by Ahol depicts the chaos, the turbulence, the anger, and the sadness of what is going on in our neighborhoods.

Painted in fluorescent red ink, to symbolize the blood spilled, and running through our streets, this expressionistic style allows for more artistic freedom that the Ahol has been wanting to achieve. This style  not only portrays the tension, and whirlwind of emotions that effect the people and the community, but also gives us a sense of the artist’s pure inner feelings.  This new style has more of a free flowing quality, that shows the artist’s emotion, growth, depth, and dimension.


The details of this new edition are below.

  • Ahol Sniffs Glue
  • 2016
  • Fluorescent red ink screenprint on French Construction Blacktop 80# Coverweight card stock
  • 25 x 19 in.
  • Edition of 50
  • Signed and numbered
  • $300 


Ahol Sniffs Glue signing the REDRUM screenprints.

Ahol Sniffs Glue in front of his work REDRUM

third second

Click HERE to see the video of Ahol signing the screenprints.


Biscayne Boyz New Music Video

Ahol Sniffs Glue has just released a new music video with Otto Von Schirach.


The video has been featured in the Miami New Times… Link to the full article HERE


WOW – Work Of the Week – Ahol Sniffs Glue “Untitled Layered #13”

Layered Untitled 13

Untitled Layered #13

Spray paint on two panels

48 x 36 in. each panel (48 x 73 1/2 in. overall)

Signed on verso

About This Work:

Ahol Sniffs Glue is a South Florida native street artist, well-known for his murals in the Wynwood neighborhood and on several buildings and walls in Miami.

The main theme of Ahol’s work is based on the eyes. Eyes are the windows to the soul. The artist says that “The eyes tell all, they tear up and droop when sad, and light up when excited and happy.  You can tell a lot about a person by looking into their eyes”.

Getting inspiration from the urban environment, Ahol depicts expansive fields of drowsy eyes, reflecting his unique vision of life, labor and torn love of the streets of Miami.
According to him, these eyes tell the story of Miami’s hardest-working people and their drowsiness symbolizes the struggle of everyday regular people. 
The struggle is represented mostly by the dull, job-related conflicts often encountered in the everyday workplace. “I am inspired by the average person who gets up every day and hustles. Whether it’s to feed a family or feed a passion. Many people are stuck in a job or work place, not by their own choice, but because they need that job in order to live, pay their bills and this will affect their personal lives“. This message transforms the artwork in an ode to the everyday life, with all its struggle but also happiness and simplicity.

This topic is in line with the true concept of street art, which often tackles political, economic, social and every day issues that people face. Furthermore, Ahol’s artwork deals with his daily life of not just the hardships, but of the city he loves and calls home: Miami, a rich and complex tapestry of contrasting cultures.

In Ahol’s work the use of pattern is, indeed, fundamental. The pattern is a combination of elements or shapes repeated in a recurring and regular arrangement. Since patterns can be considered a non-figurative representation, they can be used to convey spiritual principles or general concepts, in which they become potentially universal, as the meaning of the eyes.

Untitled Layered #13 is the very first diptych by Ahol Sniffs Glue and it takes his eyes to a whole other dimension. The work is more abstract expressionistic. This work’s theme is developed through complex patterns, which can be divided in different categories based on the position of the eyes. This diptych is what is called Layered, since the eyes are depicted through different juxtaposed layers one on top of the other. In Untitled Layered #13, we have two panels worked with acrylics. The different colors, size and thickness of the eyes seem to be scattered randomly on the canvases, but they hide a precise order and a well thought out, balanced composition. A composition much like the streets of Miami and the people of this city.

Ahol doesn’t like to give precise references to his artworks, leaving to the viewer a democratic freedom of interpretation. That is the reason why all his artworks are “Untitled”. 

Ahol’s work can be seen publicly throughout the streets of Miami. Countless murals of eyes adorn the buildings that inhabit the Magic City. His hypnotic expanses of sleepy eyes represent a landmark in the Miami street art scene and a symbol for all the people living in the city. His work is engaging, raw and represents a bridge between fine art and street art. But most of all, he represents Miami to the fullest.

Other works by this artist:

Layered Untitled 12

Untitled Layered #12, by Ahol Sniffs Glue

Overlay Untitled 18

Untitled Overlay #18, by Ahol Sniffs Glue

Layered Untitled 17

Untitled Layered 17, by Ahol Sniffs Glue

Miami Artisti Ahol Sniffs Glue Signing first Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art Edition “Balls To The Walls”

best image

Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art is pleased to present its first edition with Miami Artist Ahol Sniffs Glue.

Limited to only 30 pieces and is laser cut on walnut wood.

The Eye Pattern is cut out all the way through. So what ever the background color of the wall you choose to hang it on is the color the eyes will be. It can also be framed as well.

We did not want to do a regular print on paper, we wanted to do something more unique and more substantial.

The details of this new edition are below as well as photos of the work and of Ahol signing the piece.

  • Ahol Sniffs Glue
  • Balls To The Walls
  • 2015
  • laser cut out on walnut wood
  • 32 x 24 x 1/8 in.
  • Edition of 30
  • Signed and numbered
  • $650

* please note that the grain of the wood varies from piece to piece.


Opening Night at Art Aspen 2015

Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art is happy to announce a great opening night at Art Aspen 2015
The show will be open August 13th through August 16th
Come visit us at Booth B16

Art Aspen


Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art Booth B16 exhibiting at Art Aspen 2015

Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art Booth B16 exhibiting at Art Aspen 2015


Opening night at Art Aspen 2015

Opening night at Art Aspen 2015